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    Excellent Color Technology(HuBei)Co.,Ltd is a company specializing in the production of copy, color laser printer toner with independent property rights of high-tech products manufacturing enterprises, the production factory is located in huangshi bridge xishui scattering flowers industrial park, the project covers an area of 100 mu, the new factory, warehouse, scientific research buildings, office buildings and facilities in more than 30000 square meters, after the completion of the project can produce copies printed carbon powder and color toner 1500 tons.
    With the popularity of industry office automation applications, as main equipment copiers and office automation as a laser printer supplies needed for the computer output terminal, carbon powder, in the international and domestic have been gradually formed a huge market. At present, the consumption of carbon powder in more than 10000 tons, and the rapid growth of 10% a year - at a rate of 20%. And the domestic existing carbon powder production enterprise production scale especially the scale of production of the colored toner, is limited. Due to the effect of base material and equipment, the current domestic production of carbon powder color toner in the stability of product quality, in particular, the performance security is still exist some defects, and imported toner has certain gap. The company independent research and development of the host device combined with the overseas import equipment, industry leading international physical method is used to produce color toner manufacturing process, and will now this area of the world's most advanced nanometer technology. At the same time, the company has a batch of domestic net top experts, premenstrual debugging of research and development for many years, has been successfully issued a samsung, HP, brother, such as printer, copy series color toner, has a stable performance and price are relatively cheap, etc into to the international and domestic market advantages in many aspects.
    This project production base was established in September 2011, the company began to officially launched, after four production line put into operation can be an annual output of 1500 tons of toner。

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